Annual Education Conference & Vendor Showcase

  • June 12, 2015
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • EMU Student Center
  • 14


  • Includes one 6' table (please bring your own table cover), one electrical outlet and a post show attendee list.
  • Includes two 6' tables (please bring your own table covers), two electrical outlets and a post show attendee list. Note: no company may purchase more than 2 exhibit tables.

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What a Difference A Day Makes! 

Join us as we hear from dynamic motivational and educational speakers including our keynote lunch speaker Joy Baldridge, CPC, CSP.  Break out session options listed below.  Please be sure to select which session you'd like to attend for each block during registration. 



8:00 am - Networking Breakfast           

8:15 am - Welcome 

9:15 am - Breakout Sessions 

10:30 am - Breakout Sessions 

11:45 am - Lunch & Keynote Speaker 

1:45 pm - Breakout Sessions  

3:00 pm - Vendor Showcase 

5:00 pm - Conference and Showcase Concludes





A1 What's In Your Toolkit with Kevin Gilespie

"What's In Your Toolkit" is a highly authentic, interactive, inspiring and powerfully compelling experience that leaves everyone in an audience moved, more mindful and feeling empowered to be better at everything they do.


A2 Working Alongside Law Enforcement for a Great Event (panel includes representatives from local law enforcement agencies such as John Seto from AAPD, Matt Harshberger from Pittsfield Township Department, a representative from U of M Dept. of Public Safety and more)

Controversial speakers with protesters...Security details for high profile speakers...Active shooters on campus...These along with many others are just some of the possible situations that event planners deal with on a daily basis.  Attendee safety is key and in this session, you will hear from members of law enforcement agencies discuss their suggestions for having a successful and safe event.  Guests from this session will have a better understanding of when it is good to get law enforcement involved in your event and what steps can be taken as an event planner to be prepared for situations that may arise.


A3 Qualifying, Proposing and Closing an Event Sale with Michelle Yurcak, CMP, DMCP - CANCELLED

Come to this informative and interactive session where you will learn the basics of qualifying an event inquiry from the first call and all of the steps to event conclusion.  Identify what your client is looking for, determine objectives, propose the right entertainment or event solutions, prepare a presentation and close the deal.  You can't plan an event that you haven't yet sold and this session will help you work the steps to close that sale.


A4 Upskilling: What You Need to Know to Move to the Next Level

Upskilling is the concept in identifying the skills you need to move up into senior positions and better paying jobs.  The responsibility for managing skills development no longer resides solely with the employer.  Nowadays employees recognize that they need to take control of this important aspect of their careers, and think strategically about how they invest in the development of their intellectual and professional capital.




B1 What's In Your Toolkit with Kevin Gilespie-CANCELLED

"What's In Your Toolkit" is a highly authentic, interactive, inspiring and powerfully compelling experience that leaves everyone in an audience moved, more mindful and feeling empowered to be better at everything they do.


B2 Why Print Still Matters (panel includes Steven Weaver of First Impression Printing, Kelly Parkinson of Allegra Print Mail Marketing and Stacy Collick of Dollar Bill Printing)

With the emergence of email, many people were convinced that sending electronic publicity was better than print.  However, years later after being inundated with hundreds of email advertisements each day, receiving a printed copy has become an anomaly.  Discover why print may still be the most effective, cost efficient and best use of time for your business, department or organization.  In this session you will learn effective design, sizes and shapes for economical production, how to save money on mailings, the impact and longevity of print ads versus email and more.


B3 50 Shades of Events: Shaken Not Stirred with Kelly Brennan, CMP, CPCE

How often does an event planner hear, "You're a party planner?"...Wiley publications says, "Event planners are making hundreds or even thousands of choices and decisions, then managing the details that emerge from those decisions.  You must consider administrative matters, design parameters, marketing implications, logistical issues, legal questions, and risk management ramifications.  You are managing time, money, people information and technology as well as the expectations of the event stakeholders including attendees, guests, hosts, clients, and sponsors" are not JUST a party planner!  Have fun learning just how empowered you are.  This session will discuss generational gaps, how titles and trends in events are constantly changing and more!


B4 Little Known Secrets to Saving Money and Enhancing Your Meetings at Hotels (panel includes Kari Gafford of Sheraton and Kelsey Afetian of  Weber's Inn) 

Meeting planners today find themselves in a sellers' market.  In order to successfully negotiate rates and space, you need to understand the hotel perspective.  Go behind the scenes of the sales process and learn how you can negotiate a win/win contract.  This workshop is a must for planners of all skill levels who want to save money and secure the best space for their event.  Participants will learn to determine the value of their group to a hotel, identify dates and patterns that offer room for negotiation, understand why and when a hotel is likely to negotiate, and more.




C1 Communicate and Celebrate with Joy Baldridge

In a fast-paced day in the healthcare world, where communication can be misconstrued, it is essential to adopt ways to question, listen, clarify and confirm interpersonal communication.  In this energizing and uplifting keynote you will learn how to communicate more clearly, the definitions and characteristics of great listeners, how to ask questions to clarify communication, how to adjust your voice tone, mood and manner, how to start and end conversations well, essential ways to follow up and more!


C2 How to Speak Chef: Communication & Current Trends (with Chef  Takashi Yagihashi and Chef Nagura of Ann Arbor's Slurping Turtle)

Seeking a special menu?  Looking for alternatives to meet your attendees' dietary needs and preferences?  Sometimes having a good relationship with a Chef can make or break an event.  In this session, participants will learn when it's appropriate to interact directly with a chef, what information the chef will need to know about your group and the right questions to ask.


C3 Tricks of Social Media for Event Planners with radio personality and social media guru Matthew Altruda

Learn how to use social media to effectively promote your event; what works best, worst and how to use your time on social media wisely.     



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