Cheranissa Roach provides strategic life coaching and professional development for women, small business owners, entrepreneurs, young adults and developing professionals. She has helped people overcome the obstacles that have prevented them from living the life of their dreams. Her clients have changed their lives, launched new careers, expanded their businesses and have created fulfilling lives.

Attendees will learn what kind of team player you are and how does who you are play a part in the dynamics of the team. She will tell you characteristics of highly cohesive teams and how you get there. She will also address individual leadership and offer a team building activity.

Jacob will teach us the science behind the lights and screens!  
Successful events don’t happen by accident. At PSAV, we develop research to gain greater industry understanding that feeds design evolution to maximize experiences. Research about technology use helped us develop a set of best practices to make event technology a strong ally in the meeting-planning process. Data exploring the psychology of physical meeting environments allows us to use mindful event design and other elements to influence audiences’ minds and invoke the desired emotional response.

Callie Gavorek - Eastern Michigan University
Does your work-life balance prove a challenge to your waistline and over wellness? Do you find it even more challenging with food and diet trends, and confusing media messages? Join Callie Gavorek, Director of Community Wellness and Registered Dietitian at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Dining Services, as she shares her own journey through finding work-life balance, and personal health and wellness. Topics covered include nutrition basics, easy healthy habits to incorporate into your life, and how to find enjoyment in nutrition and physical activity. 
Alfreda Rooks - University of Michigan 

Alfreda Rooks is the Director of Community Health Services for Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan, where she works to advance the important mission to identify creative solutions to address the various health and social needs of the community.  She will talk to us about taking our personal vision and turning it into growth.
Melissa  Squires - A Girl in Love Photography

IPHONEOGRAPHY: How to make the most of the camera you always have with you.
Knowing what you CAN do with your smartphone camera and what you CAN’T do means your images will start coming out as you expect and not as you hope.  Melissa will go over three photography basics and some smartphone specific tricks that will help you capture the best of your event. 
DeVonna Snowden - Chair Covers & Linens

Top Linen Trends for all Budgets! Trends, trends! They can be fun to design with if budget isn't a factor. But what happens when it is? Come discover the top trends for 2018 and learn how to utilize them for different budget levels. Each of your clients deserve the very best in current design and you can give it to them! We will talk over the top and tastefully affordable to prepare you for your next big event. Your client isn't cookie cutter - so why should their design be?!

With over 15 years of table design experience, DeVonna Snowden produces events ranging from intimate dinner parties, glamorous traditional weddings, and festive non-profit galas.     
Breeda Miller - Breeda Miller Speaking

Our keynote speaker will teach you how to Keep Your Wits When You Are At Your Wits End.  This fast paced, engaging and interactive session is designed to inspire and motivate you and your team.

Breeda Miller is a published author, an award-winning storyteller, voice-over professional and successful businesswoman. 

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